South Africa to Host Intra African Trade Fair 2021

With economic resumption and recovery gathering pace across Africa, Corporate Africa offer  companies and investors targeting opportunities in AfCFTA a hi-value Infrastructure Report which will be distributed across Africa, G20 nations, and to delegates and dignitaries at the Intra African Trade Fair, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 15 to 21 November

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Africa Infrastructure Integration Report  

Corporate Africa AfCFTA Business Investment Guide is an Infrastructure Integration Report, which will be launched and promoted at the IATF (Intra African Trade Fair) 2021. IATF 2021 takes place during 15- 21 November 2021 at Durban, South Africa. Corporate Africa is seeking governments and business partners with technology, products, and services that are able to increase connectivity, integration, and growth across AfCFTA member states. Corporate Africa plans to interview political and corporate leaders, and to position their brands, images, advertisements, and editorials alongside those of other corporations, investors, and governments already in the AfCFTA. And to align investors in AfCTA alongside corporations in G20 nations that have active policies to invest and engage opportunities in AfCFTA member states.

The theme of the Report is “integrating key infrastructure (energy power, finance and communications), investments, and exploitation of natural and human resources to generate growth, build capacity and consolidate business value chains inside and across the member states of AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) through manufacturing and industrialization of raw materials and invite and engage joint-venture investors; increased business collaborations; and strong and decisive political and corporate leadership”.

The Africa Infrastructure Integration Report will promote strategic content from stakeholders, governments, and corporate leaders spearheading the AfCFTA. The report will address strategic issues about integration of the four RECs (AMU. ECOWAS, ECAS, SADC) into the AfCFTA single market: Building commitment, capacity, confidence and readiness in AfCFTA member states’ private and public sectors including organizations and systems to represent and engage the private sector with AfCFTA policymakers; strengthening intra-regional suppliers’ value-chain including African Diaspora communities; creating and enhancing technology systems for integration such as payments, voice, data, visas, logistics, legal transactions – solutions to increase regional integration and connectivity: Strengthening key integration structures to accelerate regional and internationalization of AfCFTA corporations to generate maximum opportunities in the single market.

The Event

IATF theme is “Building bridges for a successful AfCFTA”. “It offers valuable business connection opportunities through high value networking with major political and corporate stakeholders, investors, trade and manufacturing partners – all ready to make a deal”. Attending and, or presentations at IATF also will afford businesses official event branding with an official certificate of participation recognized across the continent. IATF also boasts a virtual event platform that is accessible all year round to facilitate trade and networking. The report will be exploited by Corporate Africa to keep its partners product and services in the minds of their targets and market sectors.

Opportunities and Areas of Interests

The Infrastructure Integration Report promises to be an unmissable opportunity and an excellent platform for businesses wishing to engage inside AfCFTA markets during 2021 and after; AfCFTA members seeking to negotiate new trade partnerships with foreign companies, financiers, and investors. The Report’s chief goal is to create global awareness of the depth and diverse business and trade opportunities at the IATF (Intra Africa Trade Fair) 2021 and inside the AfCFTA single market; generate confidence in the single market and its leaders, and increase the profile of the region’s natural and human resources in print, digital, social media and APP; and conferences and exhibitions during 2021 and 2022. Other goals are to:

Promote strategic stakeholders, corporations, and investors driving AfCFTA, leadership, technologies, and joint venture investments in manufacturing and skills inside AfCFTA

Promote AfCFTA members preparedness, readiness, and confidence to implement and integrate systems to exploit opportunities in AfCFTA and mitigate short term disruptions

Promote AfCFTA’s political leadership chiefly the AfCFTA Secretariat and African Union: Their policies and plans to finance infrastructure gaps necessary to facilitate deep connectivity and integration between members’ state, build credibility, implement trade policies and rules, and strong and decisive leadership. 

Building capacity and value in trade and manufacturing between AfCFTA members added to ICT, increasing regional suppliers chain and increased exports whilst adding value from skills, goods, and services imported including from the African Diaspora.

AfCFTA Network Business Directory: A directory of all participants (SMEs and corporations and foreign partners, financiers, etc..) to enable networking and engagements.

Adding value to participants’ brands and content through ongoing promotions of their activities during 2021 on Corporate Africa websites, social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter), and major conferences and exhibitions during 2021 and 2022 including Intra African Trade Fair, AfricaCom, and China Import Export Fair.

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