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Promoting Sustainability and Green Infrastructure to build Growth and Development in AfCFTA

  Print Copy Distributed at CorpAfrica Media Partners’ Exhibitions and Conferences

AfCFTA Business Register & Investors Guide is an important project promoting businesses and governments in AfCFTA markets in 2022. The project consists of two parts: (i) An online business register of key businesses and corporations across members states, and (ii) A print publication AfCFTA Investors Guide which will be distributed at all Corporate Africa Media Partners’ conferences and exhibitions in 2022, and at INDABA South Africa, and the IV G20 Africa Infrastructure Investors Conference now known as IV AfCFTA Infrastructure Investors Conference.

Promotion and Distribution of the online register will cover companies in AfCFTA members’ state, while the print publications will cover both AfCFTA and G20 states. The combined project endeavours to connect businesses inside and across borders, strengthening value chains and building capacity in all AfCFTA states including CARICOM. Printed in both English and French AfCFTA Investors Guide will promote opportunities to partner main infrastructure programs and projects, engage new business services, JVs, collaborations, technology and manufacturing industry in AfCFTA. Companies partnering the project will be required to promote and explain how they are following COP 26, their industries, and national standards to mitigate climate change. And how they are making infrastructure sustainable without carbon emissions, in line with green investments, products and services, working with their local, regional and global business communities to generate maximum climate reduction.

New carbon-free standards will likely facilitate new flows of trade and investments into AfCFTA businesses’ infrastructure in win-win partnerships.

Key investors from G20 markets and Africa are participating in the print and digital copies. Governments from across the world are encouraged to exploit the publication’s strong connections and use it as a medium to experience new trade partnerships and relations. The project will also be the Official Media Partner of major conferences and exhibitions during 2022 and 2023 including the International Telecommunications World Telecom, Africa Oil Week, and Nigeria Oil and Gas.

Most Popular Participation

Online Register – Plain Listing: Includes name of company, telecom number, email, industry sector, postal address: Company name in plain text (free no costs) Click here for free listing of your business in the AfCFTA Business Register

Online Register – Premium Listing: Includes name of company, postal address, email address, logo, telecom number, live social media links, names of three (3) company officers, industry sector(s) and 50 words description, time zone, position on world map: Company name embolden


Corporate Africa are the owners and founders of the G20 Africa Infrastructure Investment Conference, China Africa Summit, and the Partnerships for Prevention & Care Africa Health Conference and Report; also the NEPAD Business Investment Guide. Launched in 1994 to promote democracy and the return of investors to South Africa and the leading economies of Africa, Corporate Africa has evolved into a global industry platform. It is a strategic Media Partner of the PRC (Peoples Republic of China Import Export Fair) and the International Telecommunications Union World Telecom

Past media partners included UNCTAD, Becton Dickinson, African Development Bank, African Union, WHO, UK DTI, and governments across Africa. Since 1994 Corporate Africa has engaged leaders from governments and industries, including former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Secretary-General of OPEC Rilwanu Lukman, Group CEO Standard Bank Jacko Maree, the late Jerry Rawlings, former President of Ghana. More than thirty thousand investors, exporters, and governments from across Africa and the world, many of whom have established trade partners, have benefited from participation and association with Corporate Africa, including IBM, British Airways, Telkom, Philips, MTN, DTI South Africa, Telkom, Celtel, Inmarsat, GIPC, Intel, and UK DTI.

Opportunities and Areas of InterestsCorporate Africa | Corporate Africa News

AfCFTA Business Register & Investors Guide promises to be an unmissable opportunity and an excellent platform for businesses operating inside AfCFTA markets seeking growth and new partners. The project seks to become the standard for companies in AfCFTA members’ state seeking to negotiate new trade partnerships with foreign companies, financiers, and investors. The project’s chief goal is to create global awareness of the depth and diverse business, trade, and infrastructure opportunities inside AfCFTA states. at key trade fairs and exhibitions targeting Africa. Emphasis will be placed on  generating confidence in the single AfCFTA market, its leaders, and industries to give the union a significant boost post Covid19, and increase its profile natural and human resources in print, digital, social media, conferences and exhibitions during 2022 and beyond. Other goals are to:

Promote strategic stakeholders and corporations, and the leadership necessary to secure sustainable green infrastructure and development inside AfCFTA members’ state.

Promote AfCFTA members’ preparedness, industry and confidence to implement and integrate systems to exploit new investments especially green technology

Promote AfCFTA’s political leadership chiefly the AfCFTA Secretariat and African Union: Their policies and plans to finance infrastructure modern infrastructure to facilitate deep connectivity and integration between members’ state, build credibility, implement trade policies and rules, and strong and decisive leadership. 

Building capacity and value in trade and manufacturing between AfCFTA members including CARICOM, and increasing regional suppliers chain and increased exports whilst adding value from skills, goods, and services imported including from the African Diaspora.

Adding value to participants’ brands and content through ongoing promotions of their activities during 2022 on Corporate Africa websites, social media platforms, and major conferences and exhibitions during 2022 including conferences and exhibitions.