Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director General

Many people fear that vaccine trials for COVID19 could lead to a crisis similar to HIVAIDS during the 1980s, but this time far more lethal, resulting in real-time depopulation, which will  destroy lives and communities across Africa.  Corporate Africa Reports.


The COVID19 virus has suspended democracy justified by the need to track, identify and contain a disease that appears at all its stages to be managed and presented (emergence, peak, and exit) by a coalition of politicians, corporate magnates, and scientists, supported by mainstream media. The security forces including the military to sustain the agenda by enforcing compliance and acquiescence.


More than one million test kits have been imported into Africa to roll out testings for COVID19. The batch which was sent to Tanzania was returned by the country’s president, His Excellency John Magufuli. According to him, the kits are faulty. They returned positive results on samples taken from animals and fruits.


The response to the COVID19 has been seismic. Borders between nations have been closed, two-third of the world economies have been locked down and people told to remain indoors. At the heart of the campaign is fear of the virus, distrust of money, communities, including parents and neighbors. New social rules and measures are being implemented on a trial and error basis to control and condition citizens. Rules such as staying indoors at all times, going out to exercise only once a day, frequent washing of hands, and recordings of messages by health workers are being played commuter stations  entreating the public to stay at home and save lives. Most notable is the social distancing requirement, to remain two meters apart at all times so that we do not contaminate those most at risk from COVID19, the elderly and people living with compromised immunity systems. Social distancing according to Robert Dingwall, of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) is only a ‘rule of thumb’ –considered by many to be nothing short of assault and battery upon human minds and spirits.

Global Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak first occurred in Wuhan China, where it was managed by locking down the city and restricting inhabitants to their homes. The next stop was Northern Italy where it was redefined as COVID19, and thousands of cases began to emerge. But According to the Italian Medical Association reported in the Daily Mail, ninety-nine (99%) per cent of Italy’s mortality victims had three or more underlying illnesses including cancer, diabetes, and heart and lung diseases. At previous times all such deaths would have been registered as the underlying diseases and not COVID19. Now in the USA and UK, they are classified as COVID19 due to the massive financial stimulus incentives granted to Medicare for each certified COVID19 death recorded: A grant of US$39,000 is paid for the death of a COVID19 patient on a ventilator; US$4,000 for a basic pneumonia case, and US$13,000 for a COVID19 with pneumonia classification. This explains why deaths are now classified as being from COVID19 and no longer traditional life-ending diseases. This raises serious ethical issues about Medicare practices because of the underlying risks that the incentives offered could lead to commerce taking precedence above the Hippocratic Oath of care. It also offers the opportunity for ethnic and racial targeting in hospitals and the wider communities. Such a Medical paradigm is anti-life and is unsustainable.


Black people admitted to hospitals in the UK since last March have been diagnosed with COVID19. The majority have died, some on ventilators giving rise to allegations that the NHS care workers whom we are lauding are killing people for incentives


Throughout March and April 2020, the UK developed an insatiable appetite for numbers of COVID19 cases and deaths. In a desperate attempt to test 100,000 people per month for COVID19 the coalition began to target care homes, hospices, and all public spaces inhabited by the old and infirmed. The question is why? Was it due to scientists at Imperial College forecasts that COVID19 would kill half a million people in the UK? And attempts to increase death statistics in April through reclassification occurred when the numbers failed to manifest. And in early May the UK’s death toll from COVID19 was more than China and Northern Italy which was expected. Influenza vaccines increase the odds of COVID19 by thirty-six per cent (36%) according to a study carried out by the USA military in 2019. The UK and Northern Italy are the two regions of Europe where the most influenza shots are annually dispensed. An Oxford University study reported in the Financial Times on March 24th, also concluded that half of the UK population may have already been infected with the COVID19, which could only have been extrapolated from recipients of flu vaccines. According to Dr. Judy Mikovits who revolutionized the treatment of HIVAIDs during the 1980s everyone that has received a flu shot will test positive for COVID19. The flu shot contains many agents of the COVID19.

COVID19 is being used to separate and disconnect peoples. It has flattened economies and livelihoods, and has set triggers into place that could catapult and change societies into new social orders with accompanying legalistic and technology systems for social integration and governance.

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National responses to contain COVID19 are being enforced by two-third of world governments. Ninety per cent (90%) of cases in Africa were brought into the continent by visitors or citizens returning from countries with high levels of COVID19 cases. African governments have declared emergencies to a pandemic that no scientific tests carried out in the continent have proven. They mirror responses in the west where a different socio-economic system exists. Lockdowns have been implemented threatening the survival of millions of lives which are dependent on a daily wage for basics including food.

Fear of the unknown has become a part of daily lives. And governments are in one mind with the controlling coalition that the only solution is a vaccine for COVID19. Mandatory testings are demanded and vaccines for a population supine with fear: An entire industry of fear was created in record time generated by billions of dollars of advertising spend, now submission by a public hiding the fear behind face masks.

Racial Distancing

According to ‘The River’ A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS by Edward Cooper, after a thousand pages and examination of more than 600 witnesses and documents, Cooper concluded that ‘AIDS in Africa was transferred into the people by European and American intervention, by the administration of more than a million experimental doses of polio vaccines.

Current reports suggest that many religious institutions that have been side-lined by COVID19 have run out of cash, so too are African governments who are now at the mercy of global financial systems for financial assistance to restart their crippled economies. Financial assistance will be dependent on institutions where many people congregate and African nations testing centers for COVID19 and subsequently a roll-out of vaccines. The World Health Organization funded by Bill Gates, a vaccine advocate, and philanthropist, has already prepared a ‘Solidarity COVID19 vaccine trials’ in developing countries. And according to reports from Nigeria, the nation with Africa’s largest population, the country has already volunteered to be a part of the trials currently being organized by Dr. Fiona Braka, a Public Health professional specializing in vaccines with experience of immunization operations in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. These are countries where devastating effects from vaccines have occurred, including deaths and mass sterilization of women in the Amhara region of Ethiopia (The Ethiopian Human Right Council Support Group 2014)

Many people fear that vaccine trials will lead to a crisis similar to HIVAIDS but this time far more lethal resulting in real-time depopulation an issue that  that has been of great concern and on the agenda of western nations since the middle of the 20th century.

                                  Dr Fiona Braka, WHO Representative is to conduct trials in Nigeria

European scientists (Jean-Paul Mira, head of the intensive care unit at the Cochin Hospital in Paris and Camille Locht, Research Director at France’s national health institute) has stated on television that Africans should be used as guinea pigs for tests of COVID19 vaccines. And, across social media, allegations are that vaccinations are already being tested on children in Guinea, DRC, and Senegal resulting in their deaths. This has been denied by the respective governments. But what is true is that vaccines have already been prepared and many African nations are in acceptance of them. Despite the poverty, lack of COVID19 cases and deaths; African governments have transferred every measure executed in Europe and America against COVID19 without fully understanding the nature of the test kits, COVID19, and the covert campaign behind the disease.

What is also deeply worrying is the prevailing racial element being promoted by scientists and the WHO (World Health Organization) currently led by former Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The WHO stated that because money changes hands frequently it could spread the disease. Ninety-five per cent of people across Africa use cash for transactions, and in Ethiopia which has experienced only three deaths from COVID19 less than one per cent of people use credit cards. Scientists and governments across Europe and the USA are also claiming that men and black people are more at risk from the disease without offering any evidence, despite having no ethnic or racial statistics only national and regional numbers. However, the evidence from Africa proves the contrary.

More than one million test kits have been imported into Africa to roll out testings for COVID19. The batch which was sent to Tanzania was returned by the country’s president, His Excellency John Magufuli. According to him, the kits are faulty. They returned positive results on samples taken from animals and fruits. The president said he had instructed Tanzanian security forces to randomly obtain several non-human samples, including from pawpaw, a goat, and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages. The samples were checked positive for COVID19 in the laboratory. The President added that some people were being tested positive when, in fact, they were not infected by the COVID19. These false positives are very serious and could be why black people admitted to hospitals in the UK since last March have been diagnosed with COVID19. They check into hospitals for treatment and never check out. They die in hospitals, some on ventilators giving rise to allegations that the NHS care workers whom we are praising every Thursday in the UK are killing black people for incentives and to increase COVID19 numbers.

The tsunami of COVID19 propaganda has bewitched the UK and the accompanying social distancing has brought about privatization and reclusiveness cutting off the community spirit hitherto in existence. In such a situation the narrative changes from social distancing to racial distancing justified by experts, politicians, and statistics that have not been scientifically verified or peer-reviewed. Black communities and countries across the world will become the scapegoat for covid19 just like they did for HIVAIDS.

Difficult Times for Africans

Perilous times lay ahead and war cannot be ruled out. This is what often follows when a major power such as China or the USA becomes bankrupt and loses its global power-base and industrial hegemony. The lockdowns in many parts of Africa cannot be justified by their mortality statistics, 272 confirmed cases and 5 deaths from a population of 120 million in Ethiopia, and 5000 cases and 167 deaths from a population of 180 million in Nigeria (deaths that would have been from an age related diseases prior to COVID19) is not evidence of a pandemic. If the millions of deaths from AIDS and Ebola in the past did not justify a lockdown in Africa COVID19 should never have been registered as a pandemic unless it is driving an agenda that will soon manifest. Africans should also note that the Head of the World Health Organization is African. Each time an African is at the helm of a global organization, their African faces have been used to exploit the continent and its peoples to benefit others. It is time for African leaders to awake from the spell that they are under and realize that death has always been ever-present in their continent. They should also be mindful that another lockdown will soon follow and people will only be released after they have submitted to vaccinations which if all the forecast are credible will lead to mass deaths and diseases. These are difficult times being faced by Africans.