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Therese Lethu, Corporate Africa EU Correspondent investigates Paris based, E-SAT satellite communications complementary solutions 

With existing technologies for mobiles, landlines, maritime and terrestrial, E-SAT also deals with broadcast services offering custom-made solutions for media customers and also on radio, an always greatly appreciated media.

E-SAT is a leader in consultancy in telephony and in high data transmission by mobile satellite. Regarding satellite service, we signed several agreements with INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, THURAYA & GLOBALSTAR. On the equipment side, we have key agreements with leading product manufacturers, for instance COBHAM (Certified Partner) and other manufacturers such as BEAM or SATTRANS and suppliers for and complementary products: vehicle accessories, docking stations, solar panels, ruggedized case, crypto device…to complete our solution portfolio.

Being a registered partner and supplier for Official Services, E-SAT distributes products and big worldwide network services, like Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Globalstar but also manufacturers such as Cobham and Beam. We also provide small VSAT terminals and KU band Service in Africa. To extend the range of service we are offering we have developed our own VoIP Platform.

It is essential for E-SAT to maintain its expertise level and knowledge of the market to meet the customers’ needs and find the best solutions. Our customer care provides on-line service and technical support 24x7x365 with a trouble ticket system escalating problems. Our on line trouble ticket system and 24x7x365 is only accessible to our premium customers.

E-SAT has 10 permanent full time employees. Our team is regularly trained by the Operators mentioned above. The in-service training of the staff guarantees the accreditation levels.

Our services

Communication has never been as important as it is today. Developping it in Africa is essential in order to compensate the lack of GSM equipment in some isolated regions. Satellite communications are a real added value to allow them to communicate locally or internationnaly. With a limited investment, they will be able to communicate and also to guarantee their security.

Each satellite network has its own specificities. Let’s describe the most suitables for Africa.

Let’s begin with Iridium, the only worldwide satellite network covering each point of the Earth Surface including the poles. Iridium constellation consists of 66 satellites in low orbits operating at 780km only from the Earth. Portable and easy to use Iridium solutions are perfect for people needing mobility and fast deployment. The terrestrial, maritime or vehicle transport offer a wide range of current telecommunication satellite services.

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Iridium’s coverage

Inmarsat the International Maritime Satellite, is a pioneer in the communications in maritime, terrestrial and aeronautic fields and a key player in a major part of the globe with its 11 geostationary satellites. Proven, reliable and multi-skilled Inmarsat network allows all types of services from telephony to high-speed data transmission.

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Inmarsat’s coverage

In Africa, we can also suggest to use Thuraya.
It is a regional satellite network composed of 2 geostationary satellites.
It has been designed to complete the existing GSM networks and spread its use beyond areas not usually covered. Thuraya offers reliable voice services, data transmission, fax, SMS and GPS, thanks to mono or multimode portable handsets, satellite and GSM. Thuraya coverage area includes 140 countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East and Europe. The countries which are not concerned by the coverage in Africa are in the south. You can find a map of the countries on our website :

Each network developps the same typology of devices which are satellite phones, high data transmission modems and tracking products.

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Thuraya’s coverage

Let’s focus on the satellite phones for the moment. The handheld devices are easy to use, light and with a reasonnable size. For Iridium, there are 9555 and Extreme 9575. The second one is the evolution of the first one. Indeed, it integrates GPS and SOS button in telephony mode.

On Inmarsat’s side, we can find the IsatPhone2. With a high quality voice, it has taken over the IsatPhone Pro. Moreover it is cheaper than Iridium devices. If you choose the IsatPhone 2 be careful of using it in an aera which is covered by Inmarsat’s satellites and to point the antenna on the right direction. Mountains can also be barriers to get the signal.

For the regional one, Thuraya, 2 range of satellite phones are recommended, the XT-Lite and XT-Pro. The first one is a low-cost handheld with simple options: calls and texts, however you can’t do data. And the evolved one « XT-Pro » offered navigation systems (GPS, BeiDou and Glonass), SOS button, phonie, fax, Internet and SMS by satellites.

I would like to bring your attention on industries’s needs, it could be interesting to equipped them with modems in order to get access to communications to numerous people. Dans les zones reculées, les téléphones satellites peuvent aider à garder le contact mais aussi sauver des vies. En effet, il faut pouvoir être joignable. In remote areas, satellite phones can help you keeping in contact with your employees, colleagues, warning emergencies services if there is any problem to solve.

E-SAT customers

The wide range of products and services as well as our internal skills allow us to coach many organizations in dealing with their satellite communication needs as well as their cost optimization.

We are working closely with governement (ministries, army, NGOs), transport and maritime such as merchant navy, yachting set but also media (telvision, radios, print media).

An other important part of our customers is the industry. We are dealing with several kind of industries such as oil and gas producing, mining companies, building and civil engineering, scientific research, forestry and SMEs and SMIs.

A worldwide registered partners network

E-SAT is working with the African continent for many years and developped some partnerships overthere. A trust relationship with the registered partners is based on a sustained and permanent training. E-SAT’s dynamic network remains close to the customer’s needs and quick to react in case of emergency thanks to its on-site active network of resellers.

E-SAT provides complete satellite communication solutions to several large, international accounts present in Africa, as well as to several African companies. In function of individual requirements, E-SAT helps their clients choose among the different solutions, equips them and becomes their unique Service Provider for service and for equipment maintenance.

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