I want to see strong African economies that British companies can do business with in a free and fair partnership, at the very heart of which should be job creation. Whether through creating new customers for British exporters or opportunities for British investors, our integrated global economy means healthy African economies are good news for British and African people”. Prime Minister Theresa May, 28, August 2018, South Africa.



Corporate Africa is exploiting the United Kingdom timely Brexit opportunity to design and promote Britain Global Trade, Africa-UK Partnerships. It is a high-level project consisting of print, and digital publication distributed to the email and postal mailboxes of investors and CEOs across the UK and Africa. Copies of Britain Global Trade Africa UK Partnerships will be put inside delegates’ bags and strategic areas at leading business and investment conferences and exhibitions. They include Indaba, Africa Energy and Power, Confederation of British Industry annual Meeting, and others. Executives from participating corporations are encouraged to attend these meetings as delegates to support Africa-UK trade collaborations and partnerships.

UK corporations and investors need Africa’s resources and industries more than at any other time in recent memory because of Brexit, which was behind the last visits of Prime Minister May to South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, where she repeated that Britain PLC wanted to be in win-win collaborations and partnerships with Africa.

High-level contributors targeted for participation to the report include the UK Minister for Africa, Honourable Harriet Baldwin, Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, Dr. Rob Davies, Minister for Trade and Industry, South Africa and other political and commercial leaders from Africa and the UK.


Corporate Africa Britain Global Trade – Africa UK Partnerships will be published in April 2019 and distributed in print and digital format through Caxton International Press, CNA, Newsstand, Shama PLC, social media, websites, and dedicated servers. It will also be highly visible inside Official Media Partners events during 2019, including the Confederation of British Industry annual conference 2019 where Brexit opportunities will be top of the agenda. The project promoters and delegate support will be working throughout 2019 to generate matching investor partners to engage the vast opportunities across African industries and infrastructure. Hence, financial investors from China seeking targeted investment opportunities in Africa will take part in the title and conferences.

Britain Global Trade Africa UK Partnerships will be published from April 2019 in both English and Chinese until January 2020. The copy deadline is March 31, 2019. Distribution commences during April 2019. Digital content will be updated monthly and quarterly in print format.

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