Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director General


Many people fear that vaccine trials for COVID19 could lead to a crisis similar to HIVAIDS during the 1980s, but this time far more lethal, resulting in real-time depopulation, which will  destroy lives and communities across Africa.  Corporate Africa Reports.


The COVID19 virus has suspended democracy justified by the need to track, identify and contain a disease that appears at all its stages to be managed and presented (emergence, peak, and exit) by a coalition of politicians, corporate magnates, and scientists, supported by mainstream media. The security forces including the military sustain the agenda by enforcing compliance and acquiescence.


More than one million test kits have been imported into Africa to roll out testings for COVID19. The batch which was sent to Tanzania was returned by the country’s president, His Excellency John Magufuli. According to him, the kits are faulty. They returned positive results on samples taken from animals and fruits.


The response to the COVID19 has been seismic. Borders between nations have been closed, two-third of the world economies have been locked down and people told to remain indoors. At the heart of the campaign is fear of the virus, distrust of money, communities, including parents and neighbors. New social rules and measures are being implemented on a trial and error basis to control and condition citizens.

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