Black Front Line Worker in the United Kingdom


An Office of National Statistics study claims that black and non-white people are more at risk of contracting covid19 and suggests that they should be removed from British hospitals’ front lines, the entry point of covid19 patients. This would be a dangerous and irresponsible act because the current covid19 environment allows doctors to make life and death decisions and could be used to end many lives in the Caribbean community, which many black people believe is happening under Covid19.


A fervent stupor has overwhelmed the entire world. Perfectly healthy people are being forced to disconnect and isolate themselves from each other in the same way and at the same distance, one isolate from the dead. At the same time people with elderly relatives in the British Caribbean community, relate stories about their parents entering hospitals where they are greeted with morphine cocktails and ventilators on which they slowly crash never to rise again. The covid19 death era, its stimulus death incentives, and prevention campaigns offer the ideal environment for the racism to strike at black and non-white people with minimal response.  Black peoples are once again come under attack in the UK.  The narrative being pushed is that non-white people are more at risk from contracting covid19, and as a consequence more likely to spread it, resulting into racial distancing between black and white people.

The Office of National Statistics in the UK using racial and ethnic classifications from the 2011 national census extrapolated that black people and other non-white minority groups have a greater death rate than white people. These findings were also verified by University College London, which not long ago received a sum of US$6 million from Bill Gates Foundation “to explore the drivers of epidemics, specifically focusing on the relative importance of key populations in generalized epidemics and to support the testing of samples from African populations” Mr. Gates a strong vaccine advocate. Without any medical training he has a keen interest in managing global population with vaccines.

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Studies especially divisive studies that promote racial differences before publication require not only to be subjected to peer-review, including from the communities it is targeting and close critical analysis by experts.

Let us take a close look at the national statistics used to verify risks among black and non-white people in the UK. The report from Mail Online 2020 says that. “Government statisticians analyzed the number of all COVID-19-related fatalities in England and Wales between March 2 and April 10. Data showed the risk of dying from the coronavirus was ‘significantly’ higher among some ethnic groups compared to white people when age was taken into account…”

The article went on to say that “The ONS data, released today, analyzed 12,805 confirmed and suspected COVID-19 deaths that occurred in all settings in England and Wales between March 2 and April 10. As ethnicity is not recorded on death certificates, the ONS linked these to the 2011 Census which includes self-reported ethnicity. Raw data showed white people made up 83.8 percent of the fatalities, despite 87 percent of people in the UK being white. Black people made up the largest minority ethnic group of covid19 victims, accounting for six percent. Black males are 4.2 times more likely to die from a covid19-related death and black females are 4.3 times more likely than white ethnicity males and females. It added that the analysis considered social and demographic characteristics.

The ONS study is unscientific. The essence of all studies are samples: Here we have a white population of fifty million people and a black population of one and a half million in 2011 that has been declining by as much as ten percent annually, due to miscegenation and emigration. And yet death statistics from 2020 is taken and not only imposed upon self-reported ethnicity in 2011 with nothing said how this was done and why. This is so vital yet it is absent. Furthermore, nothing is said about the national hospital population and the covid19 hospital population which should have been the subjects of the test. It is inside hospitals where covid19 is either discovered, classified, or reclassified and to extrapolate from an environment of morbidity and illnesses into the healthy public cannot be justified not even with diseases we do not fully understand.

Death Ethnicity were not recorded on death certificates so the analysts linked them to the 2011 census which contains self-reported ethnicity. How was this possible? Did they infer the ethnicity of the dead person from the related name and apply it to the census, or did they apply guesses to eleven-year-old data? The metrics used are not mentioned which makes the whole study suspect?

Basic analysis with the census statistics from 2011 does suggest that twice as many black people as white people with covid19 on their death certificates have died. But there is a major problem with this. The hospital population is not the general population. Basic research carried out in the Caribbean community confirmed that people entering hospitals were not aware that they had contracted covid19. It was not apparent or visible before they entered the hospital. And if the old and infirmed Windrush generation were unable to resist labeling by doctors using unscientific and unreliable testing kits.

When morbidity from samples inside the hospitals is analyzed it clearly shows that the white death rate from covid19 is 14 times the rate for black people. And this is significant because a government spokesperson at a covid19 briefing at the start of April stated that “The fact that somebody has covid19 registered on their death certificates does not mean to say that they died from covid19”. In other words, doctors voluntarily and subjectively place covid19 on death certificates to obtain national testing targets and to benefit from the stimulus package offered to the NHS unveiled in the Chancellors budget. People are concerned that black people entering hospitals are being labeled with covid19 without symptoms before certification nor were there prior cases of infection. Black people are no longer dying from the diseases familiar with their community such as diabetes and high blood pressure, suggesting that a political agenda is at play to make them scapegoats for covid19 with all the ramifications this entails including vaccines and related deaths. Hence, black people over 65 years are currently avoiding British hospitals like the plague. They and their families are convinced that they will not exit alive. This is the effect of studies like the ONS which is promoting racism under the guise of science.

Based upon its conclusion the ONS suggests that black and non-white health workers should be removed from British hospitals’ front line, the entry point for covid19 patients. This would be a dangerous and irresponsible act because the current covid19 environment allows doctors to make life and death decisions without patients’ families being present. It is a sad reality that doctors make life and death decisions based on resource availability and an elderly black person is more likely to be on the death list, especially if there is only a small span of natural life remaining. The link at (License to kill – un) clearly shows the deep fear black people are currently experiencing at the hands of the NHS, the same health workers British people shower praises on every Thursday. Black and non-white health workers remaining on the front line could balance the decisions that white doctors are making about the lives of black patients.

The New York Post recently reported that the President of Tanzania H.E John Magufuli recently returned covid19 test kits after they confirmed positives on samples from fruits, animals, and motor oil which had human demographics applied in line with other samples. This throws into serious doubt the very metrics used to diagnose covid19. It suggests that test kits are pre-programmed for positives and negatives which have serious consequences for the population tested.

These questionable instruments and studies used to promote covid19 across the USA and the UK reek of racism and will have serious consequences for those societies. Far more serious consequences are at stake for Africa whose leaders are following an agenda similar to HIV AIDS which decimated an entire generation. They have locked down their economies because of a handful of deaths, and have made their citizens available for vaccines which according to experts including Dr. Judy Mikovits, will lead to greater destruction, diseases and deaths than Ebola and HIVAIDS. The covid19 narrative is following the same path as HIVAIDS. It was in America where it was said in the 1980s that black people are at higher risk of contracting AIDS before the disease went on to overwhelm Africa. The sting of covid19 is not in the virus. It will be in the vaccines and will devastate Africa. These are deadly times for Africans.