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“Dig That Gold,” was first launched in the UK by game developer Project M in September. In the mobile game, players work to collect virtual gold by mining and sifting through the minerals. In reality, however, the materials collected from the game will be rewarded by real 24k gold.

Posted by International Business Times on Thursday, 25th January 2018

According to the press release, almost GBP15,000 (AU$25,000) worth of gold has already been released to UK players. And while the game does allow in-app purchases to hasten progress, 97 percent of players acquired their 24k gold bars without any help. For the first time, everyday gamers will reap actual rewards from the time spent on video games.

“I always thought it would be a great idea to reward mobile game players with some sort of tangible thing, something of value they could hold in their hands that would bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world,” said Sean McNicholas, CEO of Project M. “I was shocked that no other game was doing this.”

“Dig That Gold” is free to download on all iOS devices. The title is set in the Gold Rush era and incorporates an exciting environment of goldmines. To progress in the game, players will need to manage their air and energy levels as they break through various blocks inside different mines. Once a mine is finished, players will be able to sift through their nuggets and see how the collected materials convert to real gold.

Click this link to play now.